As a corporate partner, your organization will have the opportunity to sponsor and host SHPE events, gain access to SHPE’s pool of top-flight Latino talent, participate as speakers or on panels at SHPE Boston events, and to be displayed as a sponsor on SHPE Boston’s website and in SHPE Boston’s communications.
This partnership will provide several benefits to your company. First, it will make the recruitment process for Latino engineering talent faster and more cost-effective. Second, it will show your company’s commitment to diversity employment and community development. Last, this arrangement will increase your exposure to Latino communities in the New England area.
For our Sponsorship Package and more information, contact us at contact@shpeboston.org.


SHPE Boston is proud to be partnered with and sponsored by a number of companies in the Boston area that:

  1. Promote professional development and leadership skills among Latino engineers,
  2. Encourage other minority groups to pursue and achieve successful careers in science and engineering, and
  3. Support youth programs that promote pre-college students to pursue careers in science and engineering.