University Outreach

Paving the Path for Future STEM Professionals

SHPE Boston works with the local SHPE university chapters to provide various opportunities for development and connections to employers offering internships, co-ops and full-time positions to recent university graduates.


University Relations Committee

The University Relations Committee is responsible for managing all the chapter’s efforts with respect to working with SHPE University Chapter Student Members between SHPE Boston and Regional University Chapters, including:

  • Resume review seminars and mock interview workshops
  • Leadership education workshops and seminars
  • Opportunities to practice leadership in the community
  • Job opportunities to practice and apply leadership skills in their careers.
SHPE Boston students

Annual SHPE Boston Sub-Region Summit

SHPE Boston’s university flagship event! This event will bring together all the SHPE university chapters across the Boston Sub-Region to get everyone to know each other, exchange best practices on running their organizations, get information on their regional contacts and receive training from their local professional chapter – SHPE Boston.

Visit the SHPE Boston Sub-Region Summit website

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