Educational Outreach

SHPE Boston’s Educational Outreach Committee

The Educational Outreach Committee is responsible for managing the chapter’s educational and community outreach programs and efforts. The singular goal of the committee is to encourage primary and secondary school students to pursue tertiary school education (including undergraduate and postgraduate education, and vocational education and training) in STEM fields and careers in science and engineering.



“Compared to other ethnic groups in the US, Hispanics/Latinos have a comparatively low percentage of our youths participating in undergraduate, graduate and doctorate level science, engineering and mathematics academic programs. The goal of SHPE Junior and Noche de Ciencias is to positively impact those statistics by presenting science, engineering and mathematics as a viable alternative to other professions, such as finance, law and medicine, that create upward mobility in Latino communities.”

Darryl Sterling

Former Vice President, Strategy and Operations, SHPE Boston

Latinos represent:

  • 16.3% of the population in 2010
  • 14.8% of the civilian labor force in 2010

BUT, represent only

  • 4.9% of employed Science & Engineering professionals in 2008
  • 8.8% of Science & Engineering bachelor’s degrees awarded in 2010
  • 5.3% of Science & Engineering master’s degrees awarded in 2010
  • 3.6% of Science & Engineering doctoral degrees awarded in 2010


SHPE Junior and Noche de Ciencias (Family Science Night) are designed to close educational and occupational gaps. In theory, Latino participation in Science & Engineering  occupations and degree awards should match our participation in the civilian labor force. SHPE’s outreach programs are designed to move the needle in that direction. Noche De Ciencias is a SHPE National program consisting of awareness events that host K-12 students to promote knowledge, awareness, interest and motivation about science and engineering and scholarship and college opportunities. Grade appropriate hands-on activities are hosted during the 4-hour events. In addition, Spanish and English workshops for parents on college choice and financial aid are hosted.

Students will experience various hands-on activities about the different fields of engineering, science, and technology. Parents will participate in round-tables to learn about college admissions and programs available to finance higher education costs. This event is completely free to the public and will be conducted in English and Spanish. Food and refreshments will be provided.

The purpose of this event is to educate students about concentrations to consider pursing in engineering. The event will present leaders in various engineering and specific products and services their companies provide. The event will consist of both hands on activities related to the different fields of engineering intermixed with short presentations from leaders and speakers.

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