Overview of Committees

If you are interested in joining a committee, contact us for information on requirements and openings.


Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee is responsible for scheduling, organizing and facilitating events and activities targeted at developing leadership skills, as defined in Section 2.2 Strategic Objectives of the Organization.


University Relations Committee

The University Relations Committee is responsible for managing all the chapter’s efforts with respect to working with SHPE University Chapter Student Members in accordance with Section 15.3 Relationship between SHPE Boston and Regional University Chapters.


Educational Outreach Committee

The Educational Outreach Committee is responsible for managing the chapter’s educational and community outreach efforts. The singular goal of the
committee is to encourage primary and secondary school students to pursue tertiary school education (including undergraduate and postgraduate education, and vocational education and training) in STEM fields and careers in science and engineering.


Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for managing all member relationships, including existing members, previous members, new member and potential member relationships.


Corporate Partnership Committee

The Partnership Committee is responsible for working with local, regional and national corporations (called “Corporate Partners”), as well as other Latino-based or engineering-based professional organizations (called “Affiliates”) in the region to further the objectives of the Chapter.


IT Committee

The IT Committee is responsible for managing all the hardware, software, online services and other information infrastructure needed to support the activities of the Chapter, including resources and budget.


Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is responsible for marketing, promoting and raising awareness of SHPE Boston within the Chapter’s jurisdiction, and organizing activities with local companies that employ large populations of Latino engineers and scientists to educate them about the benefits of becoming SHPE Boston members.

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