How to Be An Effective Team Player

Teamwork is a part of everyday life. Whether at home, school, community, or at work, we are expected to be a functional part of a performing team. Find ways to be a stronger team player to add value to your organization and in your life. In this webinar, we’ll cover topics including empathy, influence, negotiation skills, difficult conversations, multi-generational teams, conflict resolution, and more. Join us!


Erica Pereira Kubr – Director of Executive Communications, Intel
A senior communications professional with 15+ years of experience, Erica started her career in San Francisco and has had the opportunity to work for some of the world’s biggest technology brands – from companies like Microsoft and Sun Microsystems to Dropbox and Intel. In her current role at Intel, Erica drives internal and external communications programs focused on the company’s next phase of growth. When not at work, you can find Erica helping the next generation of young leaders, and teaching her old dog new tricks.

ABOUT latinXfactor™

As a member of SHPE, you’ve already revealed who you are— motivated, hard-working, committed. Now it’s time to show what you can be, to show what distinguishes you from the many qualified individuals looking to make it in today’s economy. This program will help you identify that special something—that X-factor—and use it to excel as a student, a professional, and leader. In monthly webinars, our subject matter experts will cover topics ranging from how to ace an interview to navigating the impact of cultural norms on communication and the role of gender and age in the workplace. Though designed with our student members in mind, latinXfactor™ is open and beneficial to all professionals, those that are up-and-coming and those looking to make a change. The monthly webinars are at no cost to you and are an hour long. Although, the format is lecture-based, we have carved out time for questions and answers. Mark your calendar now for 8pm ET/5pm PT on the last Wednesday of every month as we continue to offer expert advice on relevant topics.


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