Skanska is an international construction and development company based out of Sweden with offices and projects around the world and across the US. The four business units in the US include Building, Civil, Commercial Development and Infrastructure Development. Building handles large scale commercial buildings like hospitals, higher education buildings and airports and is mainly construction management. Civil builds large infrastructure type projects like bridges, road ways and tunnels and is heavily involved in self-perform work. Our Development units are Skanska USA Commercial Development, which invests in and develops office and multi-family projects in select U.S. markets, and Skanska Infrastructure Development, which develops public-private partnerships, are both leaders in their selected markets.

We are looking for students studying construction management, engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, or a related field to fill internship positions with Skanska USA Civil on the PL-6 Stormwater Storage Tank project for the City of Cambridge, the Northeastern University ISEC Pedestrian Crossing, possibly the Canal 3 New Generation project down in Sandwich, and I’m sure if there was interest, they would welcome an intern to work in our main Skanska Civil office in Waltham with the BIM team. I believe there’s an immediate need for an intern on the Cambridge project, but for the right person, we can work with them or wait until the fall semester. 

Our company is also always looking for qualified people to fill other positions. For new graduates, I highly recommend our two year CCTP Engineer rotation program that allows new graduates to work in different areas of the company to figure out what interests them. I’ve attached job descriptions for the internship, CCTP rotation program, and field engineer positions.

If anyone is interested in a position, they can email me at and we can arrange a time to meet or talk on the phone.

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