• Manager of Professional Services (Capital Delivery) – The Manager of Professional Services will provide the Capital Delivery department with daily analytical and administrative support as well as coordination and implementation of departmental programs, procedures and other related contract analysis and administrative responsibilities in the areas of design, construction, and/or contract administration.
  • Resident Engineer (Capital Delivery) – The Resident Engineer will supervise the inspection and technical work performance of major MBTA Capital Delivery projects.
  • Project Coordinator (Capital Delivery) – the Project Coordinator will be responsible for assisting MBTA Project Managers and other Design & Construction field personnel in the administrative and financial activities related to design, planning, and construction contracts and projects.
  • Change Order Analyst (Capital Delivery) – The Change Order Analyst will assist MBTA Contract Administration with providing technical advice and support to field personnel in the area of construction change order proposal analysis, negotiation and time and material pay estimates.
  • Executive Assistant (Capital Delivery) – The Executive Assistant positions in the Capital Delivery Department will provide the Assistant General Manager (AGM) for Capital Delivery and the AGM of Capital Program Oversight with administrative support and act as a liaison, responding to incoming calls and correspondence, and seeking direction when necessary.
  • Cash Collection Reconciliation Specialist (Treasurer Controller-Money Room) – The Reconciliation Specialist is responsible for the daily reconciliation of financial data related toMBTA revenue cash collection operations performed by third-party Vendor. The Cash Reconciliation Specialist will use automated tools and manual intervention to ensure that all cash transactions (orders/deposits/FED) are identified and balanced on a daily basis. Reconciliation Specialist will also be responsible for matching bank records versus book items and for case creation of items that need additional research.
  • Asset Manager (Treasurer Controller-Money Room) – The asset manager will maintain and monitor the T’s physical equipment related to cash collection and reconciliation operations. The manager will maintain inventory, assess performance, and assess future asset replacement as it relates to capital planning, rehabilitation, and replacement. The manager will manage and monitor the asset database for completeness, accuracy, and integrity, and will also conduct root cause analysis and prepare corrective action plans in cooperation with the external vendor as it relates to risk mitigation and aging, non-performing assets. The asset manager will prepare and distribute detailed reports and proposals to Executive Management, Directors, and work across the organization to improve performance and reduce costs.


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