According to a study from the American Institute for Economic Research, Hispanics don’t get equal pay for equal work in the high-tech industry – specifically, earning $16,353 a year less on average than their non-Hispanic colleagues. It is believed that this is due to cultural differences, mainly how comfortable people feel negotiating salary.

Let’s stop leaving that $$$$ on the table and attend our workshop!

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Where: Microsoft NERD Center – 1 Memorial Dr #1 Cambridge, MA
When: Thursday, June 2, 2016 @ 6:00pm

Join SHPE Boston for this amazing course offering from Dale Carnegie Training. We’ll take a closer look at the all-win negotiations model and assess how you fare as a master negotiator. This workshop will be very interactive!

Regardless of the position you hold in your organization, your workday is a series of negotiations. The ability to use effective negotiation skills can make all the difference in your career development. Because of this, SHPE Boston is offering our community an interactive negotiation course from the acclaimed Dale Carnegie Training.

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