SHPE NYC’s Luisa Mera and her team are highlighted in this article:

Despite being the second largest ethnic group in New York and encompassing a quarter of its workforce, the Hispanic community continues to be drastically underrepresented in employment fields such as science, technology, engineering and math. Only one out of every seven STEM jobs in the state is held by an Hispanic employee, according to the New York State Department of Labor. Hispanic professionals make up only about 7% of New York’s STEM workforce.

For Edward Montenegro, an information technology specialist working in New York City, the scarcity of STEM-based professionals within the Hispanic community is at least in part due to an inspiration gap. It’s a problem he and his fellow members of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, STEM professionals who want to make it possible for Hispanic students to follow in their footsteps, have united to address…

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From STEM to Flower: Group Aids Hispanics

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