Dear Members and Friends:

Over the last two years, our chapter has gone through a systematic process to build the most dynamic business model we can for SHPE Boston. When we started, our primary goals were to create an organization that has a strong management foundation, to create a business model that is sustainable over the long haul, and to have an organization that meets the needs of its constituents. After a lot of hard work, we reached these goals and then looked for other opportunities to improve the chapter.

In the next stage of our development, our goal was to build a stronger organization by creating a positive board culture based on accountability, transparency and respect, and that sets goals and executes on its strategic plan. We first started this process in April 2011, when we appointed our current interim president, Jeizel Hernandez. Second, we built a large, dynamic and diverse board consisting of people from various countries and diverse professional backgrounds—as of January 2012, there were 12 people on the SHPE Boston board.

As we close 2012, SHPE Boston can look proudly on its accomplishments in 2011, while looking forward to new opportunities in 2012. Our accomplishments in 2011 included the following:

  1. We established a new chapter slogan that embodies our strategic focus: To create the next generation of Latino leaders in science and engineering.
  2. We hosted five successful events: Two professional member networking events (Hispanic Heritage Month and Holiday Party), and three university member events (Summer Picnic, and two Resume Review Seminars)
  3. We have assembled an advisory board of Latino professionals to provide feedback and guidance to manage the growth and development of the chapter.
  4. We launched a social networking membership portal in August 2011 to allow our members to network with other Latino science and engineering professionals.
  5. We integrated state-of-the-art resume database/talent matching software into our social networking membership portal to facilitate the ability of our members and corporate partners to match job opportunities with qualified Latino talent.

In 2012, our goal is to continue to build our membership base, and to host skills building activities that create the next generation of Latino leaders in science and engineering. In addition, we want to “integrate” the technology tools we have developed into our day-to-day work stream, and encourage our members and supporters to “participate” in more events.

We believe at SHPE Boston that we have built a “great” organization that is the foundation for our chapter to be one of the strongest SHPE chapters in the country. We have done the work. We have assembled an excellent team. And we have developed a clear vision for how to move forward.

Best regards,

The SHPE Boston Board

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